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Approved Mintues January 20, 2021.pdf
Approved Minutes February 24 2021.pdf
Approved minutes March 4th, 2021.pdf
Approved minutes March 17, 2021.pdf
Approved minutes Special Meeting March 31, 2021.pdf
Approved minutes April 21st, 2021.pdf
May 19th 2021 Board meeting mintues.pdf
Approved minutes for June 16, 2021.pdf
Approved Minutes July 14, 2021.pdf
Approved Minutes July 21, 2021.pdf
Approved minutes August 18th, 2021.pdf
Approved September 15th 2021 Regular Board Meeting.pdf
Approved September 29th 2021 Regular Board Meeting.pdf
Approved October 14th 2021 Special Board Meeting.pdf
Approved October 20th Regular Board Meeting.pdf
Approved November 18th, 2021 Minutes.pdf
Approved December 15th, 2021 minutes.pdf
Approved Special January 6, 2022.pdf
Approved January 12th, 2022 special minutes.pdf